How You Can Help

The Servan-Schreiber/Cohen Anticancer Fund

MD Anderson Cancer Center is currently seeking philanthropic funding to advance the goals of the Integrative Medicine Program, led by its director Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., and to specifically support the testing of a novel, comprehensive integrative oncology intervention.

While a great majority of cancer patients use complementary medicine, the utilization of these modalities is often not under the direction of a healthcare professional and could involve therapies with uncertain efficacy and/or safety.  The findings of this proposed study at MD Anderson will provide critical information on whether lifestyle changes can improve quality of life, biological outcomes, and survival rates.


The proposed study builds on previous research by examining the effects of an innovative, standardized integrative oncology program based on the model outlined in the book “Anticancer: a New Way of Life” by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D.,Ph.D.      


The study aims to drive the integrative medicine field forward through several ground breaking strategies where previous research has fallen short in demonstrating the relevance of lifestyle change to health indicators. The Servan-Schreiber/Cohen Anticancer Fund (PDF) will support a 5-year research project with the following measurable aims:

  • Providing data on the clinical impact of a cost-effective, standardized integrative oncology intervention in regard to quality of life, physical outcomes, and biological indices of inflammation
  • Determining the contribution of different integrative modalities on patient outcomes
  • Establishing the first web-based integrative oncology information delivery system that facilitates access to safe and effective evidence-based therapies
  • Maintaining compliance through the innovative use of coaches and web-based technology
  • Examining cost-effectiveness and health care utilization.  

To support our efforts, please consider making a donation to the fund.