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Lymphoma & Myeloma Research

This year more than 46,000 people will die from lymphoid cancers. The incidence rate is rising, and 85,000 new lymphoma/myeloma cases will be diagnosed annually. We want to approach research in a new way, investigating the causes and learning how to eliminate these diseases at their origin.

Pioneering Studies: Prevention, Early Awareness, Less Toxic Treatment

  • Cancer vaccine development to target and destroy cancer cells
  • Optimal dosage studies to eliminate or reduce undesirable side effects such as toxicity
  • Research on environmental and genetic factors to find causes for incidence of disease
  • Studies of the influence of major health conditions on treatment outcome

Why We Never Stop Working

In the laboratory we always take the abstract research questions and turn them into patient-focused reasons to get to work. The sooner the research reaches the patients or people who are at-risk, the better their chances will be to live a cancer-free life.

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Using the online donation for your credit card gift will reduce processing costs, allowing more of your gift to go to research.

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
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Call the Development Office at (713) 792-3450 or 800-525-5841 and specify Lymphoma/Myeloma Research for your gift.

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