IVIS Lumina XR


IVIS Lumina XRThe IVIS Lumina XR is capable of imaging all common fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters. The system is equipped with up to 21 filter sets to image reporters that emit from green to near-infrared.

High resolution, sharp cut-off filters are interchangeable to achieve the highest performance, sensitivity and spectral un mixing. IVIS Lumina XR also accommodates Petri dishes or micro-titer plates for in vitro imaging. It includes a heated stage to keep animals from becoming hypothermic during lengthy imaging procedures.

IVIS Lumina XR also comes equipped with X-ray. Precise optical and X-ray overlay allows you to bring your optical signal into anatomical context. Caliper Life Science’s Living Image software automates all the controls and settings required for seamless image acquisition and processing. Typical X-ray image acquisitions take only 10 seconds and can be overlaid with both optical and photographic images. 


The IVIS Lumina XR can be used in oncology research to follow tumor progression, monitor response to therapeutic treatments,  metastasis, cell tracking, and tumor burden monitoring. 

Other uses include: infectious disease, inflammation studies, metabolic disease, neurology, gene therapy, stem cell biology, cardiovascular disease, immunology, transplantation biology, and drug metabolism studies.

Spectral Un-Mixing

↓ Ability to calculate contributions from different fluorescent components (inc. auto-Fluorescence)

X-ray + Optical Imaging

↓ X-ray Provides a Fixed Anatomical Reference

Photos source: Perkin Elmer.com