Faxitron X-ray Corporation MX-20


Faxitron Cabinet X-ray MX-20The MX-20 cabinet X-ray is a high throughput planar X-ray system that allows researchers to monitor animals quickly and affordably. This digital system can scan two to three animals at a time depending on size and the scans typically take 12-15 seconds. 

KV and exposure time settings can be easily changed by using the computer display or push buttons on the front of the unit. The MX-20  has up to 5X geometric magnification capabilities to deliver ultra-high resolution images of small animals and specimens. The MX-20 model has an energy range of 10-35KV and a tube current of 300uA. 

The focal spot size is <20um and the X-ray beam angle is 40 degrees.  The resolution of the system is up to 50 lp/mm (10 lp/mm contact mode).


The MX-20 can be  used for a broad range of  bone studies including: bone metastasis, osteoporosis, phenotyping, and  bone growth/regeneration studies.

↓ Whole body X-ray of 2 mice

↓ 1.5X magnification of mouse lower body

↓ 5X magnification of mouse femur