Services and Policies

DNA Extraction

Genomic DNA Extraction and PCR-Based Genetic Testing of Transgenic Animal Tails

Currently, we are extracting genomic DNA from mouse tails and tissues. We do PCR based genetic testing based on the information given to us by the investigator. We are now offering Taqman Real-Time PCR testing for the Neo gene. We are in the process of developing Taqman assays to look at Lacz and Cre. We will be able to tell if there are 0, 1 or 2 copies of the gene present. If you are interested in using these services, please review the following forms. Some need to be filled out and brought to us along with the samples to be extracted and/or tested.


Note: Forms will open in pdf format.

DNA Extraction from Peripheral Blood Leukocytes or Whole Blood

Our facility uses the Genepure 341 Nucleic Acid Purification System from Applied Biosystems for extracting DNA. Automated sample manipulations include such procedures as enzymatic digestion, cell lysis, organic extraction and alcohol precipitation which gives a high quality of DNA. Total DNA can be purified from 3-10 ml of whole blood on the 341. For quicker turnaround time, we also use the Qiagen mini, midi and maxi kits for extraction from blood. Total DNA can be purified from up to 200 µl, 1-2 ml and 5-10 ml of whole blood and buffy coat.

Samples must be in a yellow tube top (EDTA), which has been kept no more than two days at room temperature. Samples maybe delivered fresh to the lab between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Once DNA has been obtained from the provided sample, we will contact you when the sample is ready for pick-up. Please fill out the following form and bring with your samples.


DNA Extraction Form (pdf)

MSI Testing

DNA is extracted from peripheral blood leukocytes (normal DNA) and formalin fixed tissue (tumor DNA). Then, PCR analysis of these DNAs is done using the panel of five microsatellite markers (the NCI panel). This service is linked to the DNA Sequencing Facility where the PCR products are analyzed.

PCR Fragment Analysis of DNA

We are now offering tests for specific polymorphisms on DNA that we isolate. The first of these being polymorphisms in the cyclin D1 and XRCC1. As with the MSI testing, we plan to link this service to the DNA Sequencing Facility once Rashmi has the Transgenomic up and running and ready for business. We plan to send the PCR products to Rashmi to run on this instrument instead of running them on a gel. This will allow for higher throughput.

Other Extractions

RNA, DNA and Protein Extraction

We are now offering simultaneous extraction of RNA, DNA and protein from blood using the Tri-Reagent from Molecular Research Center.

DNA and RNA Extraction from Solid Tissues

We are now offering this service.