DNA Extraction

Genomic DNA Extraction and PCR-Based Genetic Testing of Transgenic Animal Tails

  • For mouse tail extraction only: $2.50 per sample
  • For mouse tail extraction and one PCR test: $3.00 per sample
  • For additional PCR testing: $1.00 per sample

Fees will be adjusted if more than one unit of Taq is used for a 20-µL reaction.

  • For real time PCR testing: Price to be determined

DNA Extraction from Peripheral Blood Leukocytes

$10.00 per sample

MSI Testing

$260 per pair (normal and tumor)

PCR Fragment Analysis of DNA

$8.00 per sample

Other Extractions

RNA, DNA and Protein Extraction

We have not yet established the chargeback for this.

DNA and RNA Extraction from Solid Tissues

The charge back for RNA extraction from solid tissue is $50 per sample. The charge for DNA is $10.00.