mAb development

  • Procurement of mice
  • Mouse and Rat immunization protocols for whole cells, purified proteins, peptides and other antigens
  • Testing mouse/rat sera for positive response

Fusion and Hybridoma Screening

  • Cell Fusion of immunized mouse spleen or lymph node cells with drug-sensitive myeloma fusion partner for generation of hybridomas
  • Growing and isolation of primary fusants by tissue culture
  • Screening done by ELISA
  • Provide investigators with culture supernatants for antibody assays
  • Special screening by FACS


  • Single cell cloning of desired hybridomas to create stable cell line
  • Freezing representative hybridoma cell lines for long term viable storage in liquid nitrogen

Small-scale antibody production

  • Production of large amounts of antibody-containing culture supernatants or mice ascites fluid
  • In vitro production for non-murine hybridomas

Antibody purification

  • Small scale production of purified monoclonal antibodies from custom hybridomas or hybridomas stocked under MABF extensive library
  • Protein A/ Protein G affinity chromatography
  • Affinity Purification of monoclonal antibodies using FPLC (Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography)

Antibody characterization

  • Murine Isotyping
  • SDS PAGE gel electrophoresis
  • F(ab) and F(ab)2 fragment production

Antibody conjugation

  • Fluorochromes
  • Biotin

Examples of Antibodies Produced

Cell Surface Proteins

  • TSLP
  • TSLP-receptor
  • C5a-receptor
  • C3a-receptor
  • ICOS-Ligand
  • OX40-Ligand
  • CD49e
  • CD19-receptor
  • CD11a high affinity
  • VCAM
  • ILT7 (immunoglobulin like transcript 7)
  • BST2 (bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2)
  • OX40
  • Pacsin
  • IL-25R
  • N100sAd24
  • IL-13Ra1
  • CD70
  • Pd-1
  • Sema4a
  • PRMT9
  • MLCN2
  • EphA2
  • Ngal
  • IL-26


  • 8A8-LL37 (antimicrobial peptide)
  • PR1/HLA-A2 (antigen aberrantly expressed in myeloid leukemia)

Intracellular Proteins

  • MPP8
  • HA4
  • MiP
  • CiP4
  • MEKK2

Extracellular Matrix

  • DSP
  • BSP