Price Structure*

Monoclonal Antibody Facility Services

Name of ServiceUnit of MeasureCurrent Charge
Mice provision and maintenance, immunization and serum screeningAntigen$1,500
Fusion, screening and positive selectionFusion procedure$2,000
Single colony pick up, screening by dilution ELISA and characterizationFusion procedure$1,500
Small-scale antibody purification (Protein A)Clone up to 100 ml$200
Small-scale antibody purification (Protein A)Clone 100 ml to 250 ml$240
Small-scale antibody purification (Protein A)Clone 250 ml to 500 ml$300
Small-scale antibody purification (Protein A)Clone 500 ml to 1 liter$350
Ascites fluid production Mouse$250
Ascites fluid production/ nude miceMouse$300
In vitro supernatant production (TC)Up to liter$350
In vitro supernatant production (TC)Up to 100 ml$250
Antibody purification (FPLC) Sample$350
Antibody conjugationSample$280
F(ab) and F(ab)2 fragment purification    Sample$400
Endotoxin test ($150 kit)Antibody$50
Supernatant concentrationAntibody up to 500 ml$80
Sample preparation for IHC Core (cell expansion, pellet, fixation)Cell line$300
Clone restockCell line hybridoma$50
Other extra services (PAGE, ELISA, etc.)Antibody$150
FACS stainingUp to 20 clones$150
Mycoplasma testCell line$50

Overview of Hybridoma Development

Footpad Injection
Day 1-18Immunization every three days up to day 18
Day 14Anti-serum antibody titration
Subcutaneous Injection
Day 1-40Immunization every 14 days up to day 40
Day 30-34Anti-serum antibody titration
Day 1-10Fusion and screening
Day 14-15Supernatant antibody available for antibody assays and WBs
Day 1-10Subcloning by limiting dilution and screening
Day 1-10In vitro culture supernatant production and purification
Day 1-10In vivo ascites production and purification

* All fees stated are for "in-house" investigators. PIs from outside institutions should contact the Monoclonal Antibody Facility manager for more information.