T315I BCR-ABL Mutation Analysis



For monitoring of the levels of the Thr to Ile mutation at codon 315 (T315I) of the BCR-ABL kinase seen in CML patients who have developed resistance to imatinib or other kinase inhibitors.


PCR-based pyrosequencing of RNA is performed to examine mutational status of codons 315 of the BCR-ABL fusion transcript. The ratio of mutated/unmutated PCR product at codon 315 is reported.

Test Parameters

CML clone must comprise at least 5% of the cells in the sample for accurate assessment. Levels are quantitative with approximately 5-10% variability.

Turnaround Time

Five to seven days

Sample Requirements

  • 10 mls peripheral blood (PB) in purple top tube (EDTA Vacutainer), sent on wet ice

  • 2-5 ml of bone marrow aspirate (BM), sent on wet ice

  • 10 µg of purified RNA, sent on dry ice

  • 5-10 µg of cDNA, sent on dry ice

CPT Codes


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