Cyclin D1/BCL1/t (11;14) Gene Rearrangement (PCR)


For determining the presence or absence of the rearranged BCL1 gene in newly presenting cases of mantle cell or unclassified lymphoma or for monitoring for minimal residual disease.


DNA is analyzed for IGH/BCL1 fusions involving the major translocating cluster (MTC) region of the BCL1 gene by quantitative real-time PCR using the tagman method.

Test Parameters

This assay will only detect JH/BCL1 rearrangements in the 30-40% of mantle cell lymphoma cases that have translocations involving the MTC region. Conventional karyotyping and FISH studies can be used to evaluate for JH/BCL1 rearrangements outside of this region. The sensitivity of the test is reported with each assay but is approximately one t(11;14)-bearing cell per 10,000 total cells.

Turnaround Time

Five to 10 working days

Sample Requirements

  • 10 ml peripheral blood in purple top tube (EDTA Vacutainer), sent by overnight express mail on wet ice

  • 2-5 ml of bone marrow aspirate in purple top tube (EDTA Vacutainer), sent by overnight express mail, sent on wet ice

CPT Codes


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