Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine & Research Core Resources

Animal Research Resources

The Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research (KCCMR) Animal Resource [link to dept page] strives to meet the needs of the biomedical research community in three ways:

  • It provides a national resource for laboratory-born primates, tissues and biological fluids. The use of purpose bred animals of known origin reduces the number of animals needed and provides a better research animal for investigators. The resource provides tissues and biological fluids to investigators throughout the country, thus reducing the need for living animals for these studies.
  • It has an active research component that continues to add new information about the biology of monkeys and apes.
  • The resource is a source of expertise in primate biology, management and husbandry that can be accessed by anyone, anytime. The Center offers training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and veterinary medical students, as well as professionals from the academic and business research communities.

The KCCMR provides the following information and services for animal research:

  • Laboratory Reference Value Registry
  • Chimpanzee Biomedical Research Resource
  • Rhesus Monkey Breeding and Research Resource
  • Owl Monkey Breeding and Research Resource
  • Squirrel Monkey Breeding and Research Resource
  • Large Animal Biomedical Research

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