Services and Pricing


Among the services provided by the facility are:

  • Consultation and assistance in the design of experiments to utilize TEM and SEM
  • Conventional processing of samples for SEM and TEM
  • Research and development of novel techniques to meet the demands of individual research projects
  • Provide assistance in examining samples
  • Provide assistance in interpretation of data and recommend subsequent and future experiments
  • Foster collaborations


Effective Aug. 2, 2014

The High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Facility will increase its user fees by 25% (for both MD Anderson and users from other academic centers). The new fees will be as follows:

  • MD Anderson investigators: $75.00/hr.
  • All other users please call for price quote.


The facility operates on a charge-back basis only for processing of samples and the number of microscope hours used to examine samples with technical assistance. A service charge was calculated to cover the cost of reagents and expendable items, part of the service contract for microscopes, software upgrades and replacement of diamond knives. The charge-back system operates on an authorized fund transfer from investigator accounts to the HREMF account. 

Please note: Individuals with an outstanding balance for more than 45 days may be denied access to the HREMF.