Authorship Guidelines

The purpose of the Authorship Guidelines is to acknowledge that obtaining human tissue and clinical follow-up data for research requires a great deal of effort from many individuals, including sureons, pathologists, medical oncologists, researchers, fellows and nurses. We encourage collaborative research between clinicians and scientists.

For all projects: A member of the tumor bank will be included early in the development of the study. Authorship will reflect their involvement.

For clinical correlative studies: One or more gynecologic oncologists or gynecologic medical oncologists should be included as collaborators.

Co-authors will:

  • Participate in planning the objectives and design of the study
  • Make a major contribution to tissue acquisition or pathological review
  • Co-write or revise the manuscript 
  • Approve the final manuscript

For authorship on papers involving the tumor bank or tissue-based research the following criteria should be met:

  • Participation in the planning of the objectives and design of the study
  • Major contribution to the project either by tissue acquisition or pathological review
  • Co-writing or revising of the manuscript
  • Approval of the final manuscript