Technical Information





Tecan Freedom Evo 150 Liquid Handling SystemTecanSerial Dilution and transfer of samples to master plates
Aushon 2470 ArrayerAushon BiosystemsPrinting of samples from master plates to slides
Dako Autostainer Plus LinkDakoStaining slides for detection of spot (sample) intensities
Array ProArray Pro AnalyzerUsed for spot identification and quantification using Mean Net and Regional Background Correction.
R-Supercurve PackageCran.r-project
(site link)
Used to do curve fitting of samples and determination of protein levels.
Cluster and Treeview

Cluster 3.0 Software (site link)

Cluster 3.0 is applied as hierarchical cluster analysis using Pearson Correlation and Center Metric approaches. The resulting heatmaps are visualized in Treeview and presented as a high-resolution bmp format.


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