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Analytical Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a tool in all aspects of cell biology research. Protein expression or indicators of cell status are simultaneously measured on each cell within a population. The Core provides access to cytometry equipment and staff with sufficient expertise to assist researchers in developing complex assays to address pressing research questions.

The Core additionally has an ImageStreamX MarkII, an imaging flow cytometer that uses CCD cameras to image cells in flow in up to 10 fluorescent channels for each cell. A number of assays have been developed for the ImageStreamX, including colocalization, nuclear translocation, apoptosis assays, Ca2+ flux assay, characterization of diffuse vs. punctate staining, assays of immune cell interactions, cell counts and transfection efficiency.

Cell Sorting

We use droplet based high-speed cell sorting to isolate cells of a wide variety of different types based on many different combinations of antibody-based stains, fluorescent protein expression, and viability indicators.

Custom mAb conjugations

The Core performs conjugations primarily for mAb that are not commercially available as conjugates. Kathryn Ruisaard and Dr. Clise-Dwyer have more than 5 years experience doing microscale Ab conjugations for the Transplant Immunology section.  Fluorochromes available include, Alexa 488, 647, 555, 594, Pacific Blue, and Pacific Orange. Contact Kathryn to schedule: 713-563-3350.

Rates for MD Anderson Cancer Center Faculty

ServiceAssisted RateUnassisted RateUnit
Cell Sorting$75.00$40.00Hour
Analytical Flow Cytometry$70.00$40.00Hour
mAb Conjugations$100.00N/A0.1mg Reaction

Rates for Baylor/UT Faculty

ServiceAssisted RateUnassisted RateUnit
Cell Sorting$107.14$57.14Hour
Analytical Flow Cytometry$100.00$57.14Hour
mAb Conjugations$142.86N/A0.1mg Reaction

Rates for Other External Users

ServiceAssisted RateUnassisted RateUnit
Cell Sorting$171.43$91.43Hour
Analytical Flow Cytometry$160.00$91.43Hour
mAb Conjugations$228.57N/A0.1mg Reaction

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