North Campus Faculty and Staff

Yellow Zone 8th floor, Y8.5305, 5311, & 5315
Room Y8.5305

Wendy Schober, M.L.T. (ASCP)Laboratory Manager

Wendy Schober, M.L.T. (ASCP) 


Wendy has more than 20 years of extensive experience in all aspects of flow cytometry technologies and applications, specializing in sorting and multiparameter analysis. She is responsible for assisting clients with training, operation, acquisition, analysis, data interpretation and presentation, as well as instrument quality control, maintenance and troubleshooting. She previously coordinated the Flow Cytometry/ Cell Sorting Core laboratory at the Baylor College of Medicine. She is responsible for the FACS Caliburs, FACS Array, BD LSR II, FACS Aria and FACS-Vantage cell sorters.

Research Investigator

Duncan H. Mak, MPhil

Duncan has over 15 years of research experience in biochemical pharmacology and hematology, with 8 years of experience in multiparameter analysis with flow cytometry - studying apoptotic and autophagic cell death, cell proliferation, DNA damage, surface markers, intra-cellular protein levels in cell lines and primary human samples.  He is specialized in adapting protocols for high throughput analyses using microplates on the BD FACSArray and LSR-II.

Coord, Flow Cytometry Lab

Nalini Patel

Nalini Patel has more than 15 years of experience in Flow cytometry instrumentation and applications. Her background in flow cytometry procedures includes staining, analyzing and interpreting  samples  for  DNA/BRDU, TUNEL,  apoptosis, autophagy,  fluorescent proteins,  multi-parameter  surface markers,  and high speed sorting  from  blood, bone marrow and solid tumors.  She also has experience with immunohistochemistry and cell culture techniques, which supplements the flow techniques.

She is proficient in operation, quality control maintenance and troubleshooting of flow cytometry instrumentation and oversees the daily functions of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility.  She is able to provide clients with procedures and advice to optimize their flow cytometry assays.  She schedules clients, maintains inventory, provides client training on instrumentation and writes standard operating procedures as needed. Nalini is skilled with current computer applications and has extensive experience with flow cytometry software, including the new BCI Kaluza,  ModFit, BD DIVA, Winlist and Summit.

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