TaqMan-based Gene Expression Analysis

The SMF performs commercially available gene expression assays using RNA provided by the investigator. This service includes RNA quantification, RNA QC and reverse transcription, DNase1 treatment and TaqMan® PCR based quantitative gene expression assay setup and analysis. MicroRNA assays are included in this service. In addition to the standard Gene Expression Analysis Service, the SMF provides investigators with the option of running Low Density Array cards. These customized 384-well micro fluidic cards allow investigators to analyze gene expression patterns in many samples across a defined set of gene targets. Eight samples can be assayed for as many as 48 gene targets simultaneously.

Submission Requirements

Template requirement: 1 - 2 µg total RNA at a minimum concentration of 100 ng/µl

Gene Expression Submission Form

Endogenous Control Genes
For each sample, the gene of interest and endogenous control gene reactions will be performed in duplicate (four reactions for each sample). The investigator is responsible for selecting the appropriate housekeeping gene and calibrator, in consultation with the SMF.

Endogenous Control Genes in Stock

Human and Mouse: β-actin
Human, mouse and Rat: GAPDH
Eukaryotic18s (requires random RT priming)

ServiceDescriptionMDACC Investigator  PriceNon-MDACC  Investigator Price
New assay set-up and optimizationSMF supplies the primer and probe mix.$200-$250Not Available
New assay  validationInvestigator supplies the primer and probe mix. SMF generates standard curve$50$100
RNA QCBioanalyzer QC of RNA (available only in conjunction with the qPCR service)$50/chip (12 samples)$100
qPCR (duplicate gene and endogenous control) $5/sample/gene$10
LDA Card set-upSMF provides reagents and instrument set-up. Investigator provides the LDA card.$100/card$200
MicroRNA RTIndividual RT for single reactions$6/sample$12
MicroRNA RT poolMultiplex RT for use with LDA cards$30/pool$60
DNase 1 treatment $2/sample$4
cDNA synthesis $10/sample$20


If your assay or endogenous control gene amplifies genomic DNA, the RNA must be treated with DNase1 at a cost of $2 per sample.

Assays ordered or designed by the SMF: We will perform an initial validation test and determine the assay dynamic range. The SMF is not responsible for the performance of assays provided by the investigator.

For custom project pricing or consultation, please contact Hongli Tang or Erika Thompson.