Sanger-based Gene Resequencing

Gene Mutation Detection

Resequencing provides a fast, simple method of detecting variants in cancer related genes. It allows an entire gene to be evaluated in a single experiment. The SMF performs this assay using custom designed primers. The table below lists the genes available for this service.

The SMF provides custom design and optimization services. Cost depends on gene sequence complexity and the number of amplicons/sequences necessary to cover the regions of interest.

New gene assay design and optimization  are provided at no charge with a minimum of five samples submitted for each amplicon.

Resequencing Service Includes

  • Quantification and normalization of samples
  • PCR Amplification and purification
  • Sanger Sequencing (AB3730XL)-both directions (where possible)
  • Comparative alignment to reference sequence (SeqScape Software – Applied Biosystems)
  • Reanalysis (if needed)
  • Report of all mutations found and all sequences generated

Assay Development Form
Resequencing Submission Form


General Pricing

ServiceMD Anderson InvestigatorsNon-MD Anderson Investigators
Assay DesignNo Cost-5+ samples requiredNot available
Mutation Detection$20/amplicon (2 sequences)$41/amplicon (2 sequences)


Resequencing Gene List

Gene SymbolExonsCoverageCost/SampleAmplicons
ALKExon 25 (R1275Q)selected SNPs201
AKT1Exon 4 (E17K)selected SNPs201
AURKA1, 3-11, UTR (3')selected exons28014
BRAFExon 15 (V600E)selected SNPs201
BRCA11-24, a*, UTR (5')all transcripts88242
BRCA21-28all transcripts113454
CDK4Exon 2 (R24C)selected SNPs201
CHEK21-18full coding - select transcript0 
Dip2C2-37selected exons70035
EGFR18-21selected exons804
FBXW7 (a.k.a. CDC4)Exons 8 (R465C), 10 (R505C) and 11 (S582L)selected SNPs603
FGFR3Exon 8 (G370C and S371C)selected SNPs402
FLT117-26selected exons20010
FLT417-26selected exons20010
GAL31, 4**selected exons402
HRAS+1-4, 4aselected exons1005
ID11all transcripts804
KIT (a.k.a. c-KIT)Exon 13 (K642E)selected SNPs201
KRAS2-6all transcripts1005
LKB11/STK11a1, 4-8select transcript1005
MDM21-4, 4a, 5-11all transcripts24012
mP53 (mouse)1-11all transcripts1407
mPTEN (mouse)1-9, UTR (5' and 3')all transcripts46023
NHERF-2Exon 3 (R171W)selected SNPs201

1-11, a, b, UTR (5')*


all transcripts

exons only





PHLLPP2Exon 18 (L1016S)selected SNPs201
PIK3CA2, 8selected exons603
PIK3R11-15full coding - select transcript28014
PIK3R21-15, 5' regulatoryfull coding34017
PRKAG2Exon 15 (R531Q)selected SNPs201
PTCH11-23, UTR (3')full coding - select transcript64032
PTEN1-9all transcripts1909
SART11-22all transcripts22011
SNON (SK1L)1, 4selected exons804
SRC1-12all transcripts1959
TRK24-21full coding - select transcript34017
UBCH101-5all transcripts1005
VEGFA (a.k.a. VPF)Promoter (partial)selected exons603
VBP11-6all transcripts1608
VHL1-3, UTRfull coding - select transcript1206