AutogenGenFlex Star

The Flex STAR is an automated DNA Extraction Instrument, optimized for use with Qiagen chemistry. Combining AutoGen's robust and reliable instrumentation and Qiagen's proven FlexiGene chemistry, the STAR extracts DNA from 1.0 to 10.0 mls of whole blood.

Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini EM Fluorescence Microplate Reader

This machine is a high throughput reader (up to 384 well plates) capable of detecting fluorescence assays. Dual monochromators are able to detect variable wavelengths between 250-8 50nm. Up to 4 wavelength pairs can be assessed for endpoint and kinetic readings. This plate reader is used for assays including Picogreen for double-stranded DNA quantitation.

Thermo Scientific Legend Micro 21R Sorvall Refrigerated Centrifuge

This centrifuge was purchased for the BER by MD Anderson for manual RNA extraction. The Sorvall is able to effectively separate out RNA due to its low temperature/high speed capabilities. 

PTC-200 DNA Engine, MJ Research, Inc.

This is a thermal cycler used for generating PCR products. It has interchangeable 48-well and 96-well blocks for carrying out PCRs.

Tecan Infinite M200 NanoQuant Microplate Reader 

The NanoQuant is a spectrophotometer used for general quantitation of RNA and DNA. This device is capable of quantitating 16 samples at a time. Additionally, 2uL input is all that is necessary for accurate measurement of high quality samples.