Programs & Services

While most of the services below are currently offered within MD Anderson as part of the I*CARE mission, our trained professionals are also available to provide lectures, workshops and other opportunities to professionals outside MD Anderson on a variety of topics including how to break bad news, stress and burnout and conflict resolution. Please contact Cathy Kirkwood at 713-792-4697.

Fellow & Faculty Forums on Professionalism & Communication Skills

Scene from a videoForums where clinicians hear didactic presentations on key communication skills, and participate in demonstrations of “how to do it.”

Interactive Workshops

Interactive, “hands-on” workshops for clinical staff, administrators and other staff on topics such as communication challenges with patients, families and colleagues, stress and burnout, dealing with Leadership Challenges and other topics relevant to the role as an oncology professional.  We can come to your department at MD Anderson or we can come to your institution to provide all day and more extended workshops for all medical professionals in the communication skills necessary to successfully navigate difficult conversations and other communication challenges. These custom workshops are learner-centered and highly interactive. With audience participation, we create scenarios which reflect the challenges of the practice setting, demonstrate key skills to be learned and provide an opportunity for learners to practice.


Individual private coaching sessions where participants may be observed by trainers and feedback will be provided.


Interactive training sessions in which staff and faculty learn to apply skills to teach fellows, faculty, nurses and other staff to conduct custom workshops on stress and burnout and other topics in cancer care.

Free Continuing Education Credit

Free Continuing Medical Education Credit (CME Ethics and Professional Responsibility) is provided. Free Risk Management Education (RME) Education Credit is also available for physicians enrolled in The University of Texas Professional Liability Insurance Plan. You must view the videos through the Obtaining Continuing Education link and submitting the appropriate forms.

Research Opportunities

Participation in ongoing research projects in collaboration with scientists in the Department of Behavioral Science is available. Current ongoing projects in development include assessing aspects of the oncologist/patient relationship through audio taping clinical encounters, impact of feedback of patient concerns on clinician and patient outcomes, impact of empathic expressions on patient emotional state and others.


I*CARE conferences will bring national and international experts together to discuss important topics in communication skills.

International Alliances

I*CARE has collaborative relationships and educational agreements with groups around the world including Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany and Portugal.

Achieving Communication Excellence (ACE)

The ACE lecture series is held quarterly. National and international speakers present successful techniques that you may use in your practice and with your colleagues. You may also obtain continuing education credit and/or risk management education credit for viewing these programs.

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