Walter F Baile, M.D.

Dr. Baile has collaborated with Dr. Robert Buckman on many of his projects and has refined the techniques of teaching communication skills to include video and other media. Walter F. Baile, M.D.He is the director of I*CARE, the MD Anderson Program in Communication and Relationship Enhancement, and is developing the MD Anderson Library of Communication Skills in Oncology, a repository of video and contemporary educational tools to drive home the important messages of how to communicate with cancer patients. According to Dr. Baile, "Communication is the cornerstone of comprehensive cancer care… it allows oncology clinicians to build meaningful relationships with their patients."

Dr. Baile has brought his talents in teaching communication skills to many parts of the world and has led workshops and other teaching programs in Japan, Italy and Germany, to name a few. Currently he participates in a National Cancer Institute sponsored program to train oncologists to teach the same communication skills. He produced "On Being an Oncologist," a video for cancer clinicians starring the actors William Hurt and Megan Cole and is author of over 150 scientific papers, book chapters and abstracts on clinician-patient communication.