Difficult Communication Module 8: Genetic Counseling


Applying for CME and RME Credit

Note: If applying for CME credit, be sure you have entered through the Free CME and RME Credit page. The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education guidelines require that you read the CME information before viewing the videos for CME credits. View the video, complete the forms in the link below and print your certificate.  Be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the registration form to indicate if you want CME or both CME and RME.  To receive RME credit you MUST send the certificate to RMEAdmin@mdanderson.org.

Registration, Evaluation, Post Test, Print CME and/or RME Certificate

For questions about the program email: cdkirkwood@mdanderson.org
For questions about CME email:  angelicc@mdanderson.org  
For questions about RME email:  rmeadmin@mdanderson.org

RME Credit available only to physicians with UT Professional Liability Insurance:

Transcripts and Captions

Viewing the transcript will assist you with answering the Post Test Questions.

All videos on this web site have closed captioning (text appears under video) Closed Captions and transcripts Show Transcripts that can be accessed by clicking on their respective icons. You may print the transcript by copying it into a Word document.