There is perhaps no better model of the importance of multidisciplinary interactions in the care of cancer patients than that found in the management of gynecologic malignancies. From the critical importance of primary surgical cytoreduction of advanced ovarian cancer preceding the administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy to the now-standard use of cisplatin as a radiosensitizer delivered with external-beam radiation therapy in the treatment of locally advanced cervix cancer, oncologists involved in the care of gynecologic cancer patients must understand the optimal utilization of multiple treatment modalities.

For more than 5 decades, the gynecologic cancer program at MD Anderson Cancer Center has been an innovative leader in helping to establish the standards of care in this group of malignancies and in developing novel surgical, pharmacological, and radiotherapeutic
approaches to improve both the survival and quality of life of women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer.

This well-written and comprehensive text describes the current management of female pelvic tumors, with chapters authored by nationally and internationally recognized senior leaders in their fields, as well as by more junior MD Anderson faculty who will soon be responsible for the new advances that will, without question, characterize the future of clinical research in gynecologic malignancies.

Maurie Markman, M.D.

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