Network Providers

Each Physicians Network affiliate site nominates oncology providers (medical, radiation, surgical oncologists and other sub-specialists as appropriate) to participate in the Physicians Network. To become a credentialed provider, you must be Board Certified in your specialty, meet affiliate site inclusion criteria, office located in contracted service area and pass the requisite due diligence process. Once this process has been completed, nominated providers who meet the above mentioned criteria are presented to the Physicians Network Credentials Committee for consideration. Once approved, these physicians become credentialed providers in the network. Physicians are credentialed in the Physicians Network for as long as they are in good standing and the contract with the Host Affiliate Site is intact.

To search for a credentialed provider at an affiliate site, please use this selection criteria:

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If you have any questions regarding credentialed providers in the network, please contact our Provider Relations Department at 713-745-9720.