Shell Oil Company

Shell Oil has been a contracted employer group since 2000 to facilitate the adult oncology portion of the Shell Centers of Excellence Program. Under this voluntary program, eligible Shell employees and their dependents must enroll in the Cancer Manager Program to participate. Through this program, employees and dependents can receive treatment and prevention services at MD Anderson. Each participant is assigned a Physicians Network Case Manager to coordinate their clinical services and a Physicians Network Member Services representative to facilitate their initial appointment. Shell Cancer Manager participants may also utilize ancillary providers that are contracted with Physicians Network.

Prevention Screening Services
Cancer prevention exams include cancer risk assessment, screening based on age and gender, and personalized risk reduction strategies. The following services are available:

Breast: includes clinical breast exam and screening mammogram
Colorectal: includes family risk assessment and colonoscopy
Prostate: includes digital rectal exam and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test
Cervical: includes Pap test and pelvic examination
Skin: includes family risk assessment and comprehensive skin examination

If you are a Shell employee or dependant and would like to in enroll:

  • Contact Cancer Manager at 713-745-9720, or
  • Fill out an enrollment form (doc)

Once your completed enrollment form has been submitted to Cancer Manager, you will be contacted by a Physician Network Member Services Representative about your requested appointment at MD Anderson.