CS&E News - Summer 2009

Summer 2009

  • Applying Improvement to the CS&E Course
  • Save the Date for UT System Conference
  • Cylette Willis Joins Quality Education Team
  • Session 10 Graduates Present Projects

Applying Improvement to the CS&E Course

Bringing improvement to the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course was the project of one team in Session 10.

Dr. Tom Burke, executive vice president and physician in chief, and John Bingham, vice president for performance improvement and chief quality officer, led the team that evaluated the course using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model of improvement. Completing the team were Doris Quinn, Ph.D., director of Process Improvement and Quality Education; Victoria Jordan, Ph.D., director of Quality Measurement and Engineering; Elizabeth Girotto, project director for the Institute for Cancer Care Excellence; and Niquole Dunham, hospital administrative fellow.

The team presented at Session 10 graduation April 17 on the project that has three phases. Phase 1 was assessment of CS&E curriculum for content, redundancy, sequencing and knowledge retention. In the future, the team in phase 2 will assess whether CS&E is aligned with MD Anderson’s business strategy, is directed at the appropriate audience and identify gaps in course content and deployment. Phase 3 will redesign the course to meet needs identified in the first two phases.

The team reported on several rapid cycle changes made during session 10 including use of a new fill-in-the-blank template for developing the aim statement, establishment of a Facilitators Network, using Scantron forms for satisfaction surveys to increase response, and quizzes to assess and evaluate learning .

The team also developed the following long-term recommendations:

  1. Re-define the aim of the CS&E Course as an introductory multi-disciplinary quality improvement course to selected staff.
  2. Frame the CS&E 8-Day Course within a broader, scientifically-rigorous quality improvement curricula.
  3. Charter participants and teams through Core Senior Operations Team (CSOT) to include Project selection directly linked to the strategic priorities and Project team members approved by the Core SOT.
  4. Formally integrate CS&E training into each team member’s individual Learning/Mentorship plan.
  5. Provide ongoing project facilitation during and after the course by trained facilitators.
  6. Provide extensive data support for Project Teams including independent (Finance Division) determination of the ROI.
  7. Measure, report, and act upon speaker and project evaluations using all phases of the Kirkpatrick Model.
  8. Present completed CS&E projects with ROI to the Quality Operations Team (QOT).
  9. Track projects, participants, results, and costs in a single data base and provide reports to the CSOT.

Data from Session 11, which is currently underway, will be used as the team works on the remaining phases of the project. Session 12 is set as the first session that will include major changes to the sequence of courses. 

The presentation is available on the Session 10 page on the inside.mdanderson.org CS&E site.

Save the Date for UT System Conference

The University of Texas System announces the first Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Conference and Recognition Dinner Oct. 15-16 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin.

Theme for the event is “Building the Bridge at the Quality Chasm.” Speakers will include Dr. Carolyn Clancy, director of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Dr. Mark Chassin, president of The Joint Commission, Dr. Brent James of the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research, Dr. Eric J. Thomas of The University of Texas Houston Medical School and Dr. Kenneth I. Shine of The University of Texas System.

CS&E Alumni are encouraged to submit their projects for professorial poster rounds and oral presentations at the meeting. The UT System is currently soliciting abstracts from graduates of the CS&E course and Intermountain Health’s Advanced Training Program. Recognition awards will be given to the graduate teams who submit the most outstanding patient safety and quality improvement projects. The travel for this conference has been approved since it is within the UT system.

Abstract submission instructions and additional information is available at the conference web site Building the Bridge at the Quality Chasm.

Cylette Willis Joins Quality Education Team

Cylette R. Willis, Ph.D., is the new Associate Director for Quality Education and Evaluation in the Office of Performance Improvement (OPI).

She is participating in Session 11 of CS&E as well as assessing all quality improvement education offerings in development of a strategic plan for QI instruction.

Willis comes to the cancer center from St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System where she served as Director of Workforce Effectiveness. In previous work, Willis worked for major accounting firms offering consultation to health care and other organizations as well as holding a position as professor for several colleges.

After receiving her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Rice University, Willis was a postdoctoral fellow at Rice’s Center for Education. She also holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Botany from the University of Texas at Austin.

“It is a perfect time to be part of OPI as we move quality improvement education to the next level and help MD Anderson teams achieve their quality improvement goals,” said Willis. As for the strategic quality education plan, she said that most of the program assessment has been done and design work will begin soon for the programs in the plan.

The work of her education team is “important to supporting the business case of the institution,” she said. “We cannot achieve and sustain quality improvement without ongoing and relevant education.”

Session 10 Graduates Present Projects

Session 10 of the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course ended April 17 with presentation by the 16 teams of participants.

With the completion of this session, 365 have graduated from the course, including 151 physicians.

To see the projects and photos of the teams, click Session 10.

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