Clinical Tools and Resources


MD Anderson provides clinical tools and resources to assist physicians, health care providers and professionals.

Clinical Resources

Cancer Patient Referral

A portal for patients and physicians to schedule an appointment at MD Anderson.


A program for Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Enhancement, I*CARE is dedicated to improving communication among cancer patients, their families and their providers.

Project ECHO

An innovative and established Telementoring model proven to expand access to specialty medical care to treat common, complex diseases in underserved areas.

Pathology Second Opinion and Outside Consultation Services

Our Second Opinion Pathology Services and Outside Consultation Services offers the expertise of MD Anderson pathologists to health care professionals in the community.

Community Clinical Oncology Program Research Base

The Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) Research Base enables more patients, particularly those in the community, to have access to state-of the-art cancer care and to enhance the health of patients affected by cancer. Affiliation with a CCOP site allows patients to have access to clinical protocols without having to relocate or leave the support of their communities.

Physicians Network

The MD Anderson Physicians Network strives to improve cancer care in the general community by providing world-class, MD Anderson-branded oncology services to local hospitals throughout the United States.

Clinical Tools

Assessment Tools

Use these assessment tools to help determine the presence and severity of patient symptoms.

Clinical Calculators

These clinical calculators help both patients and physicians make informed treatment decisions about primary chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer. Disclaimer: These calculators are not meant to be a substitute for medical opinions by qualified physicians regarding breast cancer treatment. Results from these calculators should only be used in conjunction with all other clinical information on each case.

Clinical Practice Algorithms

Our extensive listing of clinical practice algorithms depicts multidisciplinary best practices for care delivery to assist in the screening, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of patients, the management of clinical symptoms, and the transition to survivorship care. Disclaimer: These algorithms are not intended to replace the independent medical judgment of the physician in the context of individual clinical circumstances to determine a patient's care.

Professional Development Resources

Women Faculty Programs

Women Faculty Programs offers a wide range of programming to support the advancement and leadership of women in cancer research and cancer medicine.