Multimedia Resources and Downloads

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Community Clinical Oncology Program Research Base is dedicated to providing member sites and patients with up-to-date information regarding cancer medicine, clinical trials and activities at the Research Base. Multimedia content including future MD Anderson applications will be posted for download, and content will be made available for a variety of platforms including mobile devices.

Annual Investigators Meetings (Archives)

iTunes University

Audio and video content from the CCOP Research Base is available for viewing and download. In order to access content from iTunes, the iTunes application must be downloaded to your computer.

iTunes installation instructions

iPad / iPhone Applications

Applications for mobile devices bring useful tools to users. The following are examples of helpful applications available for free download to iPods and iPads via iTunes.  iTunes is a free application that is useful for accessing and organizing media content. Download iTunes.

  1. Clinical Trials is a search tool that provides access to information on registered clinical trials from the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health database.



  1. CancerCare provides information regarding cancer and how it is treated.



  1. WebMD allows users to check their symptoms, access drug information and treatments, and check local health listings.



  1. PLoS allows users to access and read journal articles published by the Public Library of Science.



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