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Cancer Control

  • 2004-0024 (CCC-01-06) View Abstract
    Protocol Title: Chemotherapy and Mindfulness Relaxation: A Randomized Trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center and MD Anderson Community Clinical Oncology Program
  • 2007-0914 (MDA 2007-0914A) View Abstract
    Protocol Title: A Multicenter Study in Patients Undergoing Anthracycline-Based Chemotherapy to Assess the Effective of Using Biomarkers to Detect and Indentify Cardiotoxicity and Describe Treatment
  • 2009-0288 (MDA 2009-0288) View Abstract
    Protocol Title: Comparative Study of Oncologist Assisted, Home-Based Exercise Program and Relaxation Training for Physical Functioning and Symptom Control in Colon Cancer Patients

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