Pioneered limb-sparing surgery for bone tumors and other sarcomas first by implanting donor bones and then by using expandable metal prostheses.

Developed nationally utilized clinical methods, including oncoplastic techniques, to meet the evolving breast reconstructive needs for both total and partial mastectomy in patients who will undergo adjuvant radiation therapy.

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Conducted the first surgical transplantation of parathyroid glands during thyroidectomy, now standard therapy.

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Demonstrated that use of a preoperative medication (combination of a glucocorticoid with diphenhydramine and famotidine) can prevent anaphylactic reactions to dye used for mapping lymph node metastases during breast cancer surgery, leading to a change in medical practice.

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Pioneered a new skin flap strategy of microvascular pharyngeal reconstruction during extensive head-and-neck surgery that results in markedly improved postoperative speech and swallowing outcomes.

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Established the beneficial role of surgical resection as a treatment strategy for multiple brain metastases; until this definitive work, surgery was not indicated.

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Produced the first report of significant surgical quality and performance indicators for head and neck cancer care that will serve as a national benchmark for outcomes reporting in head and neck surgery.

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