Research in Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Program’s research focus is on intervention programs to reduce the negative consequences of cancer diagnosis and treatment, and improve treatment outcomes and quality of life. Many patients, under the careful guidance of their physicians, are involved in mind/body and acupuncture research, research studying dietary supplements and other regimens, biopharmacologic agents such as vitamins and herbal preparations and other biologically based products.

Within the Integrative Medicine Program and across MD Anderson, we are:

  • Studying the bio-behavioral effects of mind/body-based interventions such as stress management including Indian-based yoga, Tibetan-based yoga, qigong, meditation, music therapy, expressive writing and other behavioral approaches
  • Examining the anti-cancer potential of natural animal or plant compounds such as dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal remedies. Products being studied include green tea, turmeric, oleander, melatonin, shark cartilage, fish oil, mushrooms and many others
  • Using acupuncture to treat some common cancer treatment related side effects including pain, xerostomia, nausea and others. Determining the biological bases of acupuncture also is an important part of this research endeavor
  • Examining traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for cancer. Part of this research is being done with colleagues at the Fudan University Cancer Hospital

For a list of studies being conducted within the Integrative Medicine Program and across MD Anderson, please see Clinical Trials in Integrative Oncology.