Improving Cancer Pain Management for Chinese American Patients

Principal Investigator: Charles S. Cleeland, Ph.D.

Cancer patients of Chinese American heritage have limited pain management educational material available in their preferred language.

Specific Goals

  • To determine the perceived pain management needs of Chinese American cancer patients (Complete)
  • To identify culturally specific language styles in order to ensure that educational materials will appropriately reflect language used by the target population in discussing cancer pain (Complete)
  • To use the information learned about the culturally specific language styles and the pain management barriers to produce a booklet in Chinese for Chinese American cancer patients


Patients with moderate or greater pain were enrolled. The research staff conducted the interview in English or Chinese, depending on the patient’s preference. Interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed later. In addition, the interviewer took notes during the interview, summarizing the response to each question. The interview will take 30 to 60 minutes. Twenty patients were enrolled in the study.


The Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) score of > 4 was used as entry criteria to the study.

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