Oncolytic Adenoviruses, Cancer Stem Cells, Autophagy

Hong “Helen” Jiang, Ph.D.

My research focuses on understanding the interactions of adenoviral and cellular proteins to develop novel therapies for malignant gliomas. Collaborating with Dr. Fueyo, we constructed and showed the antiglioma effect of Delta-24-RGD, an adenovirus that selectively infects and replicates in tumor cells. Delta-24-RGD has proved to be highly effective against tumors in animal experiments, and is currently awaiting clinical trials.

The combination of oncolytic vectors such as Delta-24-RGD with chemotherapy represents a promising line of treatment for gliomas. Everolimus (RAD001) is an orally available derivative of rapamycin, and has been shown, in several pre-clinical studies, to have a potent anticancer effect with negligible toxicity. We showed that treatment of glioma cells with a combination of Delta-24-RGD and RAD001 produced a synergistic effect in the laboratory. In animal studies, the use of Delta-24-RGD/RAD001significantly increased the median survival and yielded a long-term survival rate of 80%

Because adenoviral proteins can completely overcome the molecular machinery of the infected cell, we hypothesized that Delta-24-RGD may act as a potent therapeutic agent to target brain tumor stem cells and prevent them from developing resistance to other forms of therapy. Our study was the first to report that brain tumor stem cells are susceptible to adenovirus-mediated cell death via autophagy in laboratory and animal experiments. We expect that a better understanding of autopahgy will provide us with new tools to improve the therapy of gliomas.

Selected Publications

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