Current Research in Neurosurgery: Suyun Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

Brain metastasis, glioma, angiogenesis, invasion, transcriptional factors

My research has focused on various aspects of cancer metastasis with special emphasis given to understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate two crucial steps in this process: angiogenesis and tumor invasion. My studies involve in use of various types of tumor including melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Since I became an independent principal investigator in 2002, I have led my team to focus on defining molecular determinants of primary brain tumor (glioma) and brain metastasis (from other organs). We are studying the transcriptional regulation of genes that play critical roles in brain tumor angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis. Translation of these findings to improve current therapies or design a novel molecular therapy for the control of brain tumor and brain metastasis is also under investigation in my laboratory.