Clinical Research


The mission of the Department of Cardiology clinical research team is to eliminate cardiac complications arising from cancer treatment and to provide optimal management of pre-existing heart disease to ensure proper delivery of the most effective cancer treatment available through patient care, research, prevention and education.


We will be the leading experts in cancer-related cardiac complications and in the treatment of cancer patients with cardiovascular disease.

Core Values

Caring: By our words and actions, we create a caring environment for everyone.

Integrity: We work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and those we serve.

Discovery: We embrace creativity and seek new knowledge.

Goals and Objectives

  • Improve efficiency in clinical research: List of research protocols
  • Frequently publish research findings: List of publications
  • Create a comprehensive database to ensure every research patient is tracked
  • Involve all members of the Department of Cardiology in presenting new findings
  • Complete studies that aim to be the guidelines to clinical management
  • Establish solid relationships within the institution and neighboring institutions
  • Streamline screening process to increase efficiency and minimize patient wait
  • Focus on educating healthcare providers on recent clinical research developments
  • Develop/implement clinical orders/guidelines to improve patient outcomes

For questions or concerns about any of our clinical research efforts, please feel free to contact us at