In November of 2006, the divisions’s researchers moved into 8,700 square feet of newly renovated space in the Bates Freeman Building. The newly renovated space lies in close proximity to the main operating rooms, PACU and ICUs allowing for increased collaboration between the department’s basic scientists and clinicians. The common areas include a central equipment room for freezers and centrifuges, two cold rooms, a conference room and an administrative support area. Additionally, the division has been allocated approximately 1,000 square feet of space in MD Anderson’s new animal care facility to support the specialized animal behavioral work necessary for pain and opioid research.

The division’s research faculty share equipment for basic research, such as a blood gas analyzer, an automated film processor, a phosphorimager, two hybridization chambers, a quantitative PCR, a Beckman liquid scintillation counter, five-cell culture laminar hoods and incubators and a Brandel cell harvester used for receptor binding studies.