Center for Neuroscience and Pain Research

MD Anderson Cancer Center has recently committed significant resources to building a Center for Neuroscience and Pain Research in the Division of Anesthesiology & Critical Care. This focus on neuroscience research is tied to the institution’s overall goal of improving the outcomes and quality of life in cancer patients and survivors. Key research areas for this program will include the following:

  • Neuropathic pain and analgesics
  • Neuro-endocrine disorders
  • Cognition impairment resulting from cancer treatments

Our scientists will use innovative research tools such as proteomics, genomics and epigenetics to better understand some of the most significant problems related to cancer and cancer treatments. Critical to the success of this center will be the translation of the resulting discoveries into novel therapies that benefit and improve our patients’ lives. Under the leadership of Dr. Hui-Lin Pan, Director of the Center for Neuroscience and Pain Research, the institution is committed to growing this program by recruiting additional neuroscientists with the requisite experience in modern research techniques. We are currently recruiting tenure-track faculty members to strengthen our effort in neuroscience and pain research. For more information on this opportunity see our advertisement in Science.