Ahuja Center of Excellence for Pain Research and Treatment

Established through philanthropy, the Peggy and Avinash Ahuja Center of Excellence in Pain Research and Treatment is a focal point of the pain program—facilitating collaboration between the Division's research laboratories and the Pain Management Center. Funds directed to the virtual Ajuha Center provide salary support, laboratory supplies and equipment for pain research faculty and postdoctoral fellows who are continually seeking and developing new methods of pain relief.

Today’s leading-edge therapies include such interventional pain techniques as spinal cord stimulation and spinal drug infusions.  This team of physicians and scientists are continually evaluating treatment outcomes to better understand and ensure the proper use and effectiveness of these and other novel paths to pain relief.

Ultimately, the pain specialists, scientists, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, psychologists and other experts who comprise M. D. Anderson’s multidisciplinary pain management team aim to improve the quality of life for patients. Their mission is to:

  • Deliver interdisciplinary, state-of the-art treatment for the alleviation of pain affecting cancer patients
  • Advance the state of knowledge of pain management through research and quickly move discoveries into clinical practice
  • Educate health professionals, patients, families and the general public about new pain control strategies
  • Educate the next generation of pain physicians and basic researchers

Fulfillment of the pain program’s $2.5 million philanthropic fundraising goal will also support expansion of clinical and research fellowships, which are designed to attract the best and brightest physicians and scientists to train at M. D. Anderson. As these exceptional fellows engage in pain care and research, they gain invaluable, state-of-the-art expertise in pain medicine and simultaneously contribute to the field’s body of knowledge.

M. D. Anderson’s pain research program has trained more than 20 postdoctoral research fellows and visiting scholars while the pain medicine fellowship program—accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education—has schooled more than 50 clinical fellows in pain management. Increased funding will enable the department to train five additional postdoctoral fellows.