Current Research Programs

  • Development of imaging-guided delivery techniques that enhance the therapeutic index of chemo, immuno, biologic and gene therapies
  • Development of agents and techniques for improved arterial embolization and chemoembolization
  • Development of techniques and agents for image-guided thermal and chemical ablation of tumors
  • Formulation of transcatheter devices and techniques for diagnosis, palliation and treatment
  • Development and validation of CT perfusion imaging techniques to analyze tumor blood perfusion and vascular permeability for dynamic estimation of angiogenic activity and response to therapy
  • Identification and evaluation of ligands that bind selectively to tumor vasculature for the purposes of targeted delivery of imaging and therapeutic agents
  • Development of ways to non-invasively image tumor apoptosis and necrosis
  • Study of tumorigenicity and metastasis using green fluorescent protein (GFP)-transfected tumor cell lines