Excellence Awards

The focus of the RNA Center is to develop collaborations and work towards developing specific projects to fulfill the mission of developing ncRNAs and RNAi based therapeutic applications.

The RNA Center Award of Excellence in RNAi and ncRNA Research has been established to fund ncRNA focused research. Each award will provide $25,000 per year, up to a two-year project period.

Pilot Project: $25,000/year up to 2 years

Chun Li, Ph.D.
Professor, Experimental Diagnostic Imaging
MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Molecular Imaging of Combined EphB4 RNAi and Bevacizumab therapy in Ovarian Cancer"

Career Development: $25,000/year up to 2 years

Abhinav K. Jain, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Characterization of p53 regulated lincRNA networks that establish the human stem cell state"