RNA Center-Laura and John Arnold Award

The focus of the RNA Center is to develop collaborations and work towards developing specific projects to fulfill the mission of developing ncRNAs and RNAi based therapeutic applications.  In doing so, the RNA Center-Laura and John Arnold Foundation Award was established to fund siRNA, miRNA and other ncRNAs focused research.  

With the funding assistance of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the RNA Center was able to fund two awards (one Education/Career Development and one Pilot Project) in its 2011 inaugural call for proposals!

Career Development: $25,000/year up to 2 years
Chun-Ju Chang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular & Cellular Oncology, UTMDACC
“The role of miR-200c as a biomarker for predicting p53 deficiency and its potential use as a treatment for aggressive breast cancer”




Pilot Project: $25,000/year up to 2 years
Dean Tang, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular Carcinogenesis, UTMDACC
“miRNAregulation of prostate cancer stem cells”