CCIR Research Themes

The Center for Cancer Immunology Research (CCIR) fosters a unique environment consisting of basic immunologists working side-by-side with clinicians and those focused on translational immunology. The program’s overall goal is to capitalize on this unique environment to produce strong, basic immunology studies and translate these important findings into the development of cancer immunotherapy that can be readily tested in a clinical setting. Unlike targeted therapy and conventional chemotherapy for most malignancies, immunotherapy has the advantage of providing long-term clinical benefit in some patients. Although this benefit has not been seen in all patients treated with immunotherapy, one of the goals of the program is to improve our understanding of the immune system, especially in the context of the tumor immune microenvironment, in order to modulate immunity to optimally enhance patient outcome. Program research is divided into five research themes (listed below), starting with basic research studies, advancing into more translational studies and ending with clinical studies.

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Theme 1:  Innate immunity and signaling mechanisms

Theme 2:  Immune tolerance and T-cell function

Theme 3:  Inflammation and the tumor immune microenvironment

Theme 4:  Vaccines

Theme 5:  Antibody and T-cell therapeutics