Center for Cancer Immunology Research

Directors:  Patrick Hwu, M.D., and Larry Kwak, M.D., Ph.D.

The CCIR addresses immunology-based approaches to the treatment of cancer and has emerged as a one-of-a-kind research program that allows laboratory immunologists to work with clinical oncologists to develop new or improved forms of cancer immunotherapy that activate and instruct our immune system to eliminate cancer and prevent its recurrence. 

Unlike targeted therapy and conventional chemotherapy for most malignancies, immunotherapy has the advantage of providing long-term clinical benefit in some patients. Although this benefit has not been seen in all patients treated with immunotherapy, one of the goals of the CCIR is to improve our understanding of the immune system, especially in the context of the tumor immune microenvironment, in order to modulate immunity to optimally enhance patient outcome.

Since the center's inception in 2003, CCIR investigators have made remarkable progress in the number of high-quality publications, level of research support, and number of investigator-initiated pre-clinical studies/clinical trials.

To learn more about the CCIR, we invite you to read our recent Annual Report (Fiscal Year 2013); please click on the image below to open a PDF version of the report.   

 Click here to view the FY13 Annual Report


Upcoming Events

The FY15 Seminar Series is ongoing, taking place every Thursday:

  • CCIR Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series
  • CIC Invited Speaker Seminar Series
  • CCIR Student/Post-doc Seminar Series

All seminars will be held on Thursday at 10 a.m. in the South Campus Research Building. 

 View the full schedule here and check back for updates.

Recent Events

Dr. Mark Davis with winners of the 
2014 CCIR Poster Session