Molecular PET and CT Imaging Center of Excellence

Infrastructure components of the Center of Excellence in PET/CT(MR) Imaging of Cancer

The Center of Excellence in PET/CT(MR) Imaging of Cancer is the first Center of Excellence developed within the Cancer Imaging Network of Texas. The CIN-TX Steering Committee is focusing first on this COE because of the unique infrastructure afforded by the six COE member institutions and the increasing clinical need for PET/CT(MR) imaging in clinical studies, stimulated by the emergence of novel PET imaging agents for diagnosis and monitoring of molecular and cellular anti-cancer therapies.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Methodist Hospital–Houston and the Research Imaging Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center–San Antonio have developed an extensive imaging infrastructure that includes GMP cyclotron-radiochemistry facilities and dedicated preclinical and clinical PET/CT and MRI instrumentation. Additionally, MD Anderson has developed an infrastructure and a team of experts for pre-IND evaluation of novel imaging agents in non-human primates, a GLP-compliant toxicology laboratory and a unique opportunity to evaluate novel PET agents.

This exceptional infrastructure will be available to the participating institutions in this COE and throughout CIN-TX.

Center of Excellence Goals

The Center of Excellence in PET/CT(MR) Imaging of Cancer seeks to:

  • Pioneer the research and development of novel PET imaging agents and approaches
  • Accelerate the translation of new PET imaging agents and methods into the clinic
  • Pursue commercialization of novel PET imaging agents and approaches
  • Establish standards for manufacturing and distribution of PET imaging agents that are not readily available for research and clinical trials
  • Develop CIN-TX-wide programs for standardization and validation of PET/CT imaging systems, quality control, image acquisition, image reconstruction, data processing, report generation and data archiving to support imaging and therapeutic clinical trials funded by CPRIT initiative
  • Conduct clinical PET/CT(MR) imaging studies for the Clinical Trials Network (CTN-TX)
  • Provide graduate and post-graduate training in advanced PET/CT(MR) imaging methods and offer opportunities for preclinical and clinical research