Departments, Programs, and Labs

Education and Training

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Where cutting edge basic research is being translated directly into cancer care.

Medical Education

Our comprehensive educational programs provide an outstanding educational opportunities for physicians and other medical professionals and students.

Research Training

Offering the highest standards of intensive research in basic science and clinical environments to eliminate cancer through research-driven cancer care and educational programs.

Nursing Education

Realizing that other health care professionals may benefit from our expertise, we offer education programs to the health care community at large.


  • Seeking solutions to critical problems in genetics, molecular biology, cell and developmental biology and tissue regulation

  • Advancing the science and application of cancer prevention and population sciences

  • Developing molecular-based approaches to cancer diagnosis and management

  • Matching patients to safer, more effective cancer therapies

  • Systematically improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of patient care

Resources for Cancer Professionals

Cancer Patient Referral

Information, procedures and a secure online form

Office of Physician Relations

Facilitated access to clinical faculty, education, clinical trials and patient referral

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Standard care paths for specific cancer types


Dedicated to improving communication among patients, their families and their providers

Community Clinical Oncology Program Research Base (CCOP)

Clinical trials for a national network of cancer providers

Physicians Network

A network of healthcare providers that administers managed cancer care to members

Pathology Second Opinion and Consultation Services

We accept tissue samples from outside physicians to confirm cancer diagnoses

Clinical Calculators

Calculate prognosis for patients with curatively resected cancers

Core Facilities and Services

Listing of all facilities -- departmental and other cores -- and services for researchers at MD Anderson, and some that are available to other area institutions

Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Core Facility

Instrumentation, personnel and expertise in cell analysis technology for our the large community of peer-funded investigators

Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research

National biomedical research and breeding resource of nonhuman primates, supporting translational, preventative, clinical and pharmaceutical research and testing

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Clinical diagnostic facility specializing in oncologic molecular testing for leukemia, lymphoma and other malignancies for MD Anderson and other hospitals and clinics

Research Medical Library

Library resource for MD Anderson faculty, students, trainees and staff, including online books and journals, databases, classes, audiovisual, print and photocopy services and remote access to the TMC Library

Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Educational Program

Optimizing a culture of safety and effectiveness, this program is open to all University of Texas System faculty, management and leadership.

Faculty Speakers Bureau

The Faculty Speakers Bureau provides educational opportunities for community physicians and health care professionals. Our internationally recognized faculty is available to discuss a wide variety of oncology topics.


A program for Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Enhancement, I*CARE is dedicated to improving communication among cancer patients, their families and their providers.

Professional Oncology Education

Initiatives designed for health care practitioners and feature lectures, courses, and case studies provided by MD Anderson’s experts on key areas of professional education, prevention, patient care and survivorship.

Simulation Center

MD Anderson offers life support training to anyone interested in learning life-saving techniques. Whether you are a patient, family member, health care provider or member of the general public, please consider attending one of these important classes.