Academic & Visa Administration - Trainee

Academic & Visa Administration - Trainee serves as an institutional academic resource through the processing of educational appointments for clinical and research trainees* and students. Academic & Visa Administration - Trainee also offers career development opportunities, program accreditation oversight, and new program development along with the creation and presentation of workshops for trainees, faculty, and administrators. In addition, Academic & Visa Administration - Trainee serves as the official source for institutional trainee data for demographic, accreditation, and financial reports for institutional, state, and federal purposes.

MD Anderson Cancer Center is committed to encouraging good health and staying true to our mission to end cancer. Effective January 1, 2015, MD Anderson will be moving to a tobacco-free hiring process as part of its efforts to achieve these goals. If you are officially offered a Trainee appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center on or after Jan. 1, 2015, you will be subject to a Pre-Employment Drug Screen for tobacco compounds in compliance with applicable state laws if this is required as a contingency in your offer. 

*Trainees – individuals appointed to one of MD Anderson’s clinical, research, or other education programs outside of the School of Health Professions.

Ancillary & Affiliated Programs

Responsible for processing all clinical undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate trainees as well as providing oversight for educational program agreements in accordance with accrediting entities.


DISCOVER is a web-based application system to streamline the educational trainee application, selection, and appointment processes at MD Anderson. Applicants may use this system to apply to educational programs and opportunities within Graduate Medical Education, Clinical, or Research Training in more than 200 programs and departments throughout the institution.

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

The GME unit is responsible for processing all Graduate Medical Education trainee and rotating trainee appointments as well as providing oversight for compliance with accrediting bodies.


Responsible for financial oversight, serves as official source of institutional trainee data

Research Trainee Programs

The Research unit is responsible for processing appointments for all research-related educational titles, including undergraduate and graduate students and research postdoctoral fellows.

Student & Alumni Affairs

Responsible for the development and support of student activities and programs as well as functions associated with MD Anderson Alumni and Faculty Association