Background Checks

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Background Checks

Can a current trainee voluntarily submit to a criminal background check to see what kind of information is in his/her record?

No. Unfortunately, only new trainees are budgeted for this search, and it would be creating a precedent if we started allowing this service for current trainees.

I will be working in an off-site lab, and I will not have any contact with patients. Why do I need a background check?

All positions at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have been acknowledged as being security sensitive according to the UT System; thus, they are subject to examination of criminal history record information.

What are the components of a personal background check?

The background check will encompass a review of criminal history, criminal convictions and health care offenses. [Definitions of these specific areas can be found in the Institutional Criminal Background Policy (Volume X).]

The Notice states "Pursuant to…Fair Credit Reporting Act," and the fifth line mentions credit record. Do we also have to go through a credit check?

Educational trainees are not subject to a credit check. It is necessary to sign the release form simply because we use a third-party vendor to do our criminal background checks, and they require our trainees to sign this form.

What is meant by a consumer report – is it the same as a credit report?

No. A consumer report basically verifies your various places of residence.

Will an appointment be rescinded when there are unfavorable reports?

There is a possibility that the appointment may be rescinded. Should there be an unfavorable report, the director of Trainee and Alumni Affairs will be advised as to the seriousness of the offense by The University of Texas Police and will then meet with the program director and other appropriate personnel to determine whether the individual represents a risk to the institution. A determination that an individual constitutes a risk to the institution will not be made unless the information received in the investigation bears a relationship to the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of the position in question.

Will the trainee have the opportunity to refute or explain the reports?

Yes. The appeal process is explained in the policy.

If I should change training programs within MD Anderson, will another background check be done on me?

No. This check is only performed on new, incoming post-appointment trainees.

If I should move from a trainee position to a faculty or classified position within MD Anderson, will another background check be done?

Another background check will be performed if you are being promoted or changing to a classified position in a new department. If you are remaining in the same department with either a new title or a promotion, your background will not be checked again.