Tobacco Training for Health Professionals

Tobacco Training Materials

Tobacco Training CME - Online

The TOEP provides online, continuing medical education (CME) credits in ethics/professional responsibility to Texas physicians. TOEP online training materials are also available to other health care professionals not seeking CME credit. The online curriculum consists of two courses designed to complement one another. The didactic Tobacco Cessation Course 1  presents two lectures delivered by international experts in evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions who provide a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date knowledge of the nature of tobacco dependence and effective behavioral and pharmacological treatments. The interactive Tobacco Cessation Course 2 offers behavior-modeling video vignettes which demonstrate counseling patients with common or special tobacco-related concerns. Next, the learner moves to the virtual office where he or she can make his/her own clinical decisions and practice tobacco counseling with virtual patients. While learners can take the courses in either order, it is recommended that they first view the Tobacco Cessation Course 1. The knowledge provided in the didactic Course 1 will facilitate a better understanding of the counseling scenarios presented in the interactive Tobacco Cessation Course 2.

Both courses include a pre-test to be filled out before viewing the content and a post-test available after viewing the content to assess the knowledge obtained from the course. The pre- and post-tests are required for healthcare providers seeking CME credit. For individuals not seeking CME credit, the pre- and post-tests provide an opportunity to assess knowledge and skills after completing the course.

To access the tobacco training online, please proceed to the Tobacco Cessation Series page.


Tobacco Training CME - DVD

Individuals can choose to receive a DVD of the Tobacco Cessation Course 1 training lectures along with a paper version of the course evaluation. Physicians and health care professionals seeking CME credit are required to mail back a paper survey to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at the address provided in the DVD mailing.

To request a DVD copy of the training materials, please complete a request form. Include an address denoting where course materials should be shipped. Those fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required. Contact information (phone number or email address) is required to confirm DVD orders.


Tobacco Training CME - Print/Electronic Materials

While providers may receive the DVD within a kit containing the course evaluation form, posters, brochures, and Clinical Practice Guidelines, they can also order those print materials individually by filling out the form above. Illustrative storybooks (i.e. fotonovelas) about secondhand smoking are also available for downloading from the main TOEP page.