Summer Experience - Information for Administrators

The Summer Experience is intended to improve the competitiveness and learning outcomes of students at all levels who visit MD Anderson in the summer. As an administrator you play a key role in the application, selection and onboarding process for the student. The information within these pages is intended to help guide and inform you as you assist these students. Thank you for your willingness to help them and to learn a new process in order to make their experience more fulfilling. 


Dr. Bogler,Vice President of Academic Affairs Address Regarding the Summer Experience. (Video Coming Soon)

Summer Experience Brochure Card for Information Sharing

Summer Experience Complete Process for Students


Summer Experience Document List

The Documents


Common: Both Competitive and Non-CompetitiveCompetitive OnlyNon-Competitive Only
Selective Service FormTwo Letters of RecommendationEnrollment Verification
Background Check FormUnofficial Transcript 
Release of LiabilityCV 
Future Academic PlansPersonal Statement 
Additional Attestations  
Additional Demographic Data  
Integrity Online Module  
COI and Ethics Policies  
Public Access Option  
Confidentiality Agreement  
Acceptable Use and User Acknowledgement Agreement  
Standard of Conduct Acknowledgement  
Local Address  
EEO Required Demographic Data  

The selective service and background check form already existed in Discover and are not linked here. The letters of recommendation, transcript and CV are either provided by the student or requested by the Discover system.

The Timeline

  • Applications are due to competitive programs by Feb. 28, 2013
  • Final Acceptance to Students is Due April 1, 2013. First Notifications will go out in early to mid March to allow for students to reject or accept positions.
  • All Documentation is due for competitive and non-competitive students by May 1, 2013. This includes employee health's new system, all student documents in Discover and the Recommendation for Appointment Letter. 
  • The Appointment Letter will be received by the student from TAA by May 20, 2013.
  • A Student's online onboarding must be complete by May 27, 2013 - this is all Tier 3 documents for competitive students and all Tier 2 documents for non-competitive students.
  • Students in the non competitive program can either be appointed for June 3-August 9, 2013, June 3-June 28, 2013, or July 8-August 9, 2013.

New Employee Health Process

Employee Health has a new process for vetting students that they are piloting for the Summer Experience. When a student is accepted into the program they will receive a background code for They will log on to Certified Background with this code and then pay $20 to use the system. This system will take care of all vaccination documentation and employee health information. 

The information on is also due on May 1, 2013, which will mean administrators will need to monitor student's progress to ensure they have completed the documentation. Any administrator with a student in the Summer Experience will need to be given access to look at students in the CertifiedBackground system. If the CertifiedBackground information is not complete by May 1, the student will not be able to participate in the Summer Experience. 

Don't Get Tripped Up By the Recommendation for Appointment Process

Tips to make sure the Recommendation for Appointment is in to TAA by April 30, 2013.


To Help Your Students

  • Template Letter for Students to Send to Recommendation Letter Provider