Withdrawal and Refund

Withdrawal from the SHP

A student who wishes to withdraw from the School of Health Professions after completing registration for the semester in consideration must first secure the dean's approval. In order to be reimbursed for tuition already paid, the student must submit this request for withdrawal to the SHP Registrar prior to the 12th class day.


Students can enroll in classes through the end of the first week of class in the current semester

Adding and dropping courses

Students can make schedule changes–add/drops–up until the end of the 12th class day of the current semester. Up until this date, students will receive a refund or have additional charges added to their account based on the number of semester credit hours involved.

Withdrawal from a course before the grade earned becomes part of the student record

Course must be dropped prior to the 12th class day. After the completion of the eighth week of classes, no student will be allowed to withdraw from a course; therefore the grade earned will become part of the official transcript. Students withdrawing from classes after the official census date and prior to the deadline will receive a grade of either W or WF.

Medical Withdrawal

A medically ill student whose illness precludes class attendance may be withdrawn from MD Anderson effective the date and under the conditions specified at the time of the withdrawal. A student who requests medical withdrawal must submit adequate written documentation from the treating physician to the SHP Dean. The Dean will review materials and submit a recommendation to the Office of the Registrar requesting the student be withdrawn.